Longislandcleaners Partnership 

Quality at your premises.


Commercial Cleaning Proffesionals

Office Cleaning

Your office is a place that should be tidy and have a good environment so you can work with complete comfort there. Sometimes it is our second home. That is why we bring domestic quality to your office.

We understand that you have bigger problems to solve rather than cleaning your office and that is why we are here to save your time.

Having the proper equipment and manpower we can clean your office in no time.

Office cleaning should be done with complete care, and that is why Longislandcleaners Partnership should be your first choice. 

Commercial Cleaning

Longislandcleaners Partnership are a reliable and authentic source to get commercial cleaning services. We have the proper equipment for commercial area cleanings and trained staff that knows well how to clean the area without disrupting your routine tasks wherever possible.

A clean place increases efficiency and definitely attracts more customers. Your workers may be very good at sales and managing the area, but can they beat us when it comes to cleaning?

We do not only know how to clean the area. We know how to do it efficiently. 

School/Nursery Cleaning

A place with children around does not stay clean for a long time. To provide a clean environment for your pupils, a thorough cleaning is a must.

We all agree on the importance of trust and communication when it comes to hiring for any task, especially around children.

Longislandcleaners Partnership are ready to deliver clean and eco-friendly environment for our young ones. 

Communal Cleaning

Nothing is more critical for a communal place to be welcoming and clean when people visit it. To make sure you always have a beautiful, welcoming, and clean communal place, you can hire us.

Longislandcleaners Partnership offers an affordable range of cleaning services to its clients.

Choose a certified, registered and insured company, so that you can have trustworthy services with years of cleaning experience. Choose staff who are efficient at cleaning communal places, friendly and cooperative. 

Start/End of Tenancy Cleaning

We can provide start and end of tenancy cleaning to keep your premises well-maintained and clean.

Want to make your place ready before the new tenants arrive? Moving elsewhere and you do not want to leave mess at the old place?

We will clean it thoroughly and just one call away. Our cleaners will be at your doorstep to clean the mess created.

Provide a pleasant environment and clean place for your tenants with Longislandcleaners Partnership

Holiday Let Cleaning

We understand how important it is to have your letting property meticulously cleaned. Unlike most, we do not use same product on all surfaces. We have dedicated, quality products for every type of surface at your property and we know how to use them. At Longislandcleaners Partnership apart from excellent cleaning we can also provide you with laundry and ironing services so it is all ready for your visitors to make them comfortable.